Monday, August 17, 2009

"M" is for "Monogram"

On Saturday my mother, aunt and I shopped at antique stores in the Rome/Adairsville area of north Georgia, and a booth at an antique mall in Rome had all its linens half off, so I got a few vintage handkerchiefs. My favorite was this green one with roses and an "M" on it, as I've had a hankering to find a few things with M's on them. (Things besides little round pieces of candy-coated chocolate, I mean.) Also, I once saw a Christmas display where someone collected white monogrammed handkerchiefs of all sorts that spelled "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and lined them up on the fireplace mantel. What a fun idea!

I was reminded I'd been meaning to ask your thoughts on monogrammed items for the tea table. Do you have any? Would you like any? I came across this embroidered tablecloth on Etsy a while back.

I liked the embroidered teawares, but ...

... what sold me on it was the pretty embroidered "M." I think it was supposed to be mine! So what if the embroidery is a little crude and imperfect? I rather like that, as it shows a human made this, not a machine.

When we got married, my husband unpacked a box one day and came across a few family treasures including a single fork marked "PATENT1955 COIN" on the back.

It has our name on it! So if you ever see 11 more exactly like this, do tell! I'd also love to find some teaspoons with an "M" monogram on them, but I haven't come across any old ones I like, even on eBay, and I don't want new ones, so for the time being these will remain on my teatime "wish list." What are your thoughts on monogrammed pieces?


  1. What wonderful "finds!" I finally have some photos from the Grand Opening posted, so come visit!

  2. Love your "M" treasures.
    I have parfait glasses w/R-my maiden name- that were my mom's. I think she got them w/ Betty Crocker coupons in the 60's

  3. Lovely finds! When I first saw the tablecloth, I thought it must be for a doll tea party (handkerchief sized)...Lovely "M" things!

  4. You always find such wonderful things on your shopping treks. I would love to have some monogrammed linens (I have one monogrammed hand towel), or silver, or china, but I don't as yet. They are so classic and timeless, as well as beautiful.

  5. I also love to collect old embroidered hankies and hand done work, I have a few pieces that I've found with tea themes, they are my favorite. I also love the hankie Merry Christmas idea, I'd bet it would be beautiful!
    Have a great day Angela,

  6. Me again, I thought you were looking for "M" for me.

  7. I like monograms, but haven't gone looking for them or collecting them. What fun finds!

    We do have a vintage juice glass from a market in the town we once lived in, in Kansas. And we found it in Portland.

  8. I love these samples you've posted today. The fork reminds me that of those that I found recently some had "C"s on them that I didn't really notice until I got home. I love monograms on anything I can find. And since my maiden name was Cook, C's just have always worked and BTW my initials have always been TLC. LOL!!!


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