Friday, August 28, 2009

Coolest tea earrings of the year!

Y'all know about my "thing" for tea-themed jewelry. Well, a recent cheapie eBay find (from Turkey, no less) is this pair of silver and turquoise earrings. They're badly tarnished, but I like them anyway!

At first, they look like just some funky figural earrings with a rather traditional silver and turquoise circular design up top, but it's what's below that makes these so interesting.

Upon closer inspection, there is what was described as "a tea set" swinging away on the tray. I love these! I may be the only one who knows what's going on behind my earlobes but I'll enjoy them anyway! Silver polish worked beautifully on the underside but I was a little cautious about polishing the "tea set," so I may try getting some liquid silver cleaner and dipping them. (Unless someone thinks that would be a bad idea. If so, please save me from disaster!)


  1. Really neat find! The top part reminds me of our 2 cent stamp, so you would look right in place at the post office!

    Those trays I have never seen in silver. I have only seen brass. The real ones are fun, you can dash with full glasses of tea and swing the tray, and not spill a drop (something to do with centrifugal force, I think)

    Magical find!

  2. Those are really unusual earrings. I like the swinging tea set.

  3. I like them! Of course, anything with tea is a winner! : )

  4. You find the most unusual tea jewelry. I think you like the challenge. This one definitely is the most unusual I have seen yet.

  5. THose are fabulous earrings! For removing the tarnish you could try the water & baking soda in an aluminum tray trick. It is very easy and it works. Just google it for details. I recently purchased a stash of tarnished silver beads and am using this method for removing the tarnish.

  6. I can't give any advice on cleaning these but I can say they're a really cool find. --Spirituality of Tea


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