Friday, March 27, 2009

Let your tea take wing!

Please tell me I'm not the last person to learn the term "brew-taché." That's the name of these new loose leaf tea bags I found at our brand spanking new Vitamin Shoppe out at Ashley Park yesterday. I had almost stopped by on Wednesday but ran out of time. So, when I opened up my Thursday morning Times-Herald and voila, there was a nice fat coupon for 20 percent off your *entire* purchase, I knew it was a sign. Nice!

The kid-in-the-candy-store analogy always comes to mind when I am faced with a bountiful display of teas as I was yesterday. There were brands and flavors I'd never seen before, so I bought two new teas to try. I'll tell you about the other one another day, but this organic Himalayan Black tea from Ineeka definitely caught my eye. In addition to the nice tin, I was intrigued by what is perhaps the most thoughtfully designed "tea bag" I've ever seen. It's actually "a graceful alternative to the tea bag," the company says.

Ineeka gets an A+ for its directions, which were clear and easy to follow. You open the bag by tearing off the paper strip at the arrow.

Next, you carefully unfold the "wings" so they can sit atop your teacup.

Then, you pour on the boiling water and let the tea steep. I steeped this one for 4 minutes, and the result was a delicious and somewhat brisk cup of tea, just what I needed to soothe my allergy addled throat this week! I still can't believe I've never heard of this company or these teas before. Have any of you?


  1. That's a new to me! Very interesting "tea bag."

  2. Very interesting. Viamin Shoppe is a chain ,right? I'll see if we have one.

  3. What a unique design for a teabag and the name is certainly different. I was impressed with the company website - such beautiful photography. I like the packaging (recyclable) and the organic farming, plus the exemplary worker program.

    This is the first I've heard of this tea and now I can't wait to try it. Thanks, Angela for the great info.

  4. Angela,
    1. Never heard of it
    2. Looks really neat!
    3. Passed the Vitamin Shoppe on Wednesday afternoon, whereupon my grand daughter inquired, "What do you suppose they sell there?" (My reply was "Vitamins, I guess.")
    4. Regarding the coupon. . .wouldn't you know it? I had already used Thursady's paper as a tent over my head (protecting from heavy rain) in order to venture out for my morning paper. It was soaked, but within the newpaper itself, there is the cpoupon. . .right across from Alex's "masculine" piece! Now I have to figure out whether to let it air dry, or pull out the iron and press it dry! Suggestions? I intend to use that coupon!

  5. Never seen this one. Great idea though! Can't wait to visit the store. Glad you let us in on it or elsle Vitamins would be all I thought of too.

  6. Belinda: Yes, Vitamin Shoppe is a chain and if you go to their web site, they have a store locator button that should help you find one near you.

    ParTea Lady: I thought the same thing, that this was a particularly GORGEOUS web site and I loved the information as well. Thank you for pointing this out!

    Gwendol: I would use a WET coupon if I had to, but save that 20 percent!

  7. Angela,

    It's REALLY funny! I cut out the entire ad strip and put on the electric kettle for a nice pot of tea.

    Eureka! I had a thought! I cut off the actual coupon (still wet) took a wadded up paper towel and gently rubbed the coupon on the outside of the heating pot. As you say, voila! In no time, the coupon was dry, and the area I wiped on was slightly cleaner!

    By the way, I went to the site online for ineeka and I needed to get a gram to ounces converter. Some of the teas come in 125 grams by mail ($100 ships free) 125 grams = (equals) slightly more than 4.4 ounces. . .seemed to run about $25.00. . .most were not available that way.

    I did notice that the little man icon with ineeka actually looks like a capital "T". . . but then of course, that may just be my imagination.

    PS Coupon states Newnan store only

  8. New to me too! I bet they are showing at the tea expo this year. I will watch for them. Clever design.

  9. Very unique tea bag! And your photography makes me want to brew up cup right now, so I think I will...Emperor's Bride... and watch the rain from the porch. Thanks!

  10. Way cool - I've never seen it before. I think there's a Vitamin Shoppe around here somewhere. Hmmmm..........

  11. What a GREAT idea! Where can you buy those I want to try some....


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