Thursday, March 12, 2009

The collecting bug bites again

A few weekends ago, I went antiquing with my mom and came home with nothing. No teacup, no tea linens, no tea accessories, nada. Times like that worry me, because I'm afraid I've found the last tea bargain ever and, well, that would be a sad day. But yesterday I had the day off and spent most of the afternoon in Senoia, which has a few antique stores of its own. After visiting with my friends Liz and Cydney at the family shop, I wandered down Main Street to Miss Wendy's (where I bought a dear friend a birthday gift I thought would be early but later realized is actually LATE, sigh). Then, it was on to Gail's Antiques, where I found two goodies for myself, including this new tea towel.

As a needleworker myself I rarely buy needlework made by someone else, but this sweet piece just appealed to me. And I also found a vintage tea infuser that actually worked! Most of the old infusers are pretty, but the two halves of the "spoon" are often pretty loose and don't clamp together well at all. This one works perfectly!

Once I got home and under a good light, I was able to read the back of the infuser handle, which said "Veribest Silverplate." I thought that was a cute name, and it was certainly one of the veribest afternoons of antiquing I've had in a while.


  1. That would be a sad day for us too, if you didn't find any more lovely tea bargains to show us. That embroidered towel is pretty and I like the design of the silverplate tea infuser.

  2. Love your finds, Angela. The tea towel is very colorful and the infuser looks pristine. Glad you had such a nice afternoon.

  3. I love it when you ladies humor me! (And "pristine" is such a pretty word!)

  4. Yes, I agree - it would be a sad day! You are the luckiest antiquer I know!

  5. Your find on the tea towel reminds me that I have an embroidered piece I rediscovered last week. I had it stored away until I had time to repair it. It was one my mother made when she & my dad were first married. I got most of the stains out and mended some tears and removed an old fraid and torn trim and now it's in my pink room. I'm putting it on my post today. Thanks for sharing all your great finds!


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