Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the winner is ...

It's always fun to see which number the Random Number Generator selects! (It's at, should you ever need one.) And the number today is #3, which would be the comment from ParTea Lady! Your book will be on the way ASAP, so CONGRATS!


  1. Wooohooo!! yeah for ParTEA Lady!

  2. congratulations par tea lady! such a generous awesome giveaway and i thank you for doing it! :)

  3. I sure am glad that the time you posted shows on this winning entry. . .the parTea lady had problems with her vanishing text in the blog entry you posted earlier regarding Charleston and rooibos tea (which it isn't because as a beverage, technically, it is a tisane). . .only now, she has the "Oolong Dead" text instead! How funny! Angela, your generator must have a really capricious and wicked sense of humor! (Where is Poirot when we need him?)

    Congratulations to the parTea lady!

    I wonder if she knows?????

  4. Thank you so much, Angela. I can't wait to read this latest Tea Shop Mystery and add it to my tea library.

    Also, thank you ladies for your comments - what good sports you are.


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