Friday, December 12, 2008

It's what's inside that counts

Maybe shopping Florida antique malls the first week of December is just a good idea. All I know is, last Saturday, my DH was busy preparing to watch the Florida-Alabama football game on TV, and I was clearly asking too many questions and was soon encouraged to head on out and shop. So I headed to Pensacola and hit every antique mall I found along the way. At one, I saw a beautiful Wedgwood china-handled tea strainer and matching drip bowl, a set I've never seen before, but it was $35 and I just thought that was a bit much. Bad economy, Christmas gifts left to buy, yada yada. When I got to Franklin Antiques in Pensacola, I was glad I passed on the tea strainer, because I found several items that have long been on my wish list, including this full-size musical teapot.

It plays "Tea for Two" (of course), and I'd seen these on eBay before but been outbid. This one, in great vintage condition, was just $12.95, and I got 20% off that without even asking! I had always wondered where they "hid" the music box component. I hope you can tell from the photo, but the "bump" looking up at you from the interior is where the music part resides, so the teapot is completely usable. I cannot wait to use this in the new year!

I'd also been wanting one of those Art Deco looking teapots with a stainless "cozy," and this miniature teapot and matching creamer (I guess) were also $12.95 for the set ... but I got 10 percent off. I don't know about the prices where you live, but in my neck of the woods these prices are pretty terrific.

And inside, this little teapot contained a surprise: The cozy's lined with felt and the pot comes with its own strainer. Now obviously I need the matching sugar bowl, so if you see one somewhere, please send a cyber shout-out!


  1. Boy, you are so great at finding this stuff! So you just hopped in the car and left out for Pensacola???? You go girl!
    I've never seen the art deco pots before- they are so unique! And the music tea pot- oh! what a find! I love it!!! You've had a "Merry Little Christmas" all by yourself haven't you!

  2. Once again, you have found a couple of great items. The musical teapot is very pretty. I have had my eye on the insulated vintage 1920s style teapot in the Stash catalog. It comes with either a stainless steel or copper cover and includes a large brew basket. It is priced at $50. After seeing your find, I think I'll keep looking.

  3. You ARE the anTEAque Queen! Hail to you!

  4. Bernideen's TeaTime BlogDecember 12, 2008 at 2:20 PM

    You are sure finding the bargains! How fun is this!

  5. Great finds, Angela! Sounds like such fun to go out searching and to actually find some things.

  6. I am VERY impressed with these latest tea finds!


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