Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Dollar Tree Tea Party?

Recently I ran by Dollar Tree to pick up some cheapie glue sticks. While there, I found a couple of items I thought were so cute, I had to get them: This pack of felt doilies and an 8-pack of "coffee" cups that are actually in a teacup shape!

While I've never served tea party guests out of plastic, and surely don't plan to, I have thought before that on some more casual occasions, it would be nice to have some portable, take-it-with-you cups that guests could take with them and not worry about returning. Maybe these cups are the answer?

I'm not quite sure what to do with these things, but I just knew that if I left them for $1, I'd never see them again and would later come up with the perfect idea for using them. So I'm not saying the idea has fully materialized yet, but ... a Dollar Tree Tea Party just may be in my future!


  1. Shopping at Dollar Tree always makes me feel good because I know I got a bargain!

  2. You are so funny Angela! But you know, those cups would work great for my catering business using them to serve punch in for those weddings and such that use plastic instead of glass! Good find- and the doilies are adorable!

  3. They are cute items. I have seen a lot of Christmas ornaments this year featuring felt (some quite large). Maybe you could work your crafting magic on the doilies. The plastic cups would make nice containers for baked tea goodies and teabags to give out. I know you will come up with some unique ideas for using them.

  4. What fun to find "treasures" at the dollar tree! At a dollar store here in Asheville, I purchased many of my materials for the placecard class that I will be teaching. You could use your plastic teacups as place card holders (write each guest's name on the cup with an opaque marker) and, filled with small flowers, as favors for a tea party. Oh... so many possibilities!!!!

  5. What a great find, Angela. I had some similar clear plastic "teacups" and used them to make gifts for my fellow Weight Watchers at the firm. Weight Watchers uses a point system ... I filled each clear teacup with a small printed paper napkin, an Earl Gray teabag, a packet of artificial sweetener, and one of the individually packaged little Weight Watcher Lemon cakes. I called them "Tea for Two (Points). Big hit, inexpensive to put together.


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