Thursday, July 24, 2008

The woodworker and the teapot

First, I'd like for you to look at this photo and see if you know what this is. Do you? (Yes, I know. Some of you very likely DO know what it is. Show-offs!)

I'm not going to show this "in use" until the end of this post, just in case anyone is still trying to guess. But I'll just say this: it's something I recently found on eBay for $1.99, and it was just so odd I had to have it. I don't really have a lot of wooden pieces, just a couple of very-special-to-me pieces made by a friend's woodworker husband -- including a wooden tray for holding my needlework supplies. He is well known in our area for his handmade, handturned, hand-inlaid wooden tables, clocks and more, as he is a master woodworker and his pieces are pretty "high end," if you know what I mean. So I was very delighted when I house-sat for them one time and found the smooth-as-silk wooden tray waiting for me on their kitchen table.

But back to the less-polished wooden teapot I found on eBay: I haven't figured out what to do with this piece just yet. Maybe it could be used for needlework? Or pens? Or reading glasses? Or fruit? Maybe it should go to the craft room? For now, it's residing next to "my" spot in the living room, awaiting just the right bit of inspiration. I don't mind it empty, but goodness knows I'm antsy to put something inside. Here's what it looks like today. I'd love to know what YOU would do with this!


  1. What a bargain you found again! I've seen these before, and for a lot more money than $1.99, but not in the shape of a teapot. How cute! I see a pristine white cloth napkin draped inside the bowl, and the bowl heaping with fragrant oven fresh scones just waiting to be devoured with cream and jam. Enjoy your treasure!

  2. However you decide to use it, I would paint it! It would give it a nice vintage look. I would probably fill it with all those small unusual finds that I could not resist, yet do not really know how to display. Maybe even I would use it for my sewing needs. I have a bunch of old needle cases that are closed in a sewing box and are dying to be displayed!
    I hope you find a use that makes you happy!

  3. I would use it as a bread basket for dinner rolls. Or what about displaying tea bags?

  4. I like to squeeze fresh lemon juice into my tea, so I keep a good supply of lemons onhand. If it were mine....I'd probably put it on the kitchen counter, and fill it up with lemons. But I also like the idea of filling it up with a display of various tea bags, like Ginger said.

  5. I work in a tea room in ontario canada called THE OLD SCHOOLHOUSE TEAROOM and if i had your basket I would use it at work to send fresh baked scones out to my customers...

  6. Catching up on my reading did not say how large the dimensions are (I missed my chance for the handy dandy tape measure) and you did have a nice blog about candy what about filling it with wonderful tea candies you are always finding...or any candy for that matter?


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