Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tea decor & more

When it comes to decorative items that have a tea theme, I think I am perhaps more drawn to the teapot than the teacup. I actually own more teacups than teapots, but I have more decorative items with teapots on them: salt and pepper shakers, a kitchen timer, crochet motifs, jewelry, etc. Sometimes, though, you see decor that features both pieces. Like this metal sign.

I was at the local antique mall Rockin' B searching for (and finding, happily!) rhinestone jewelry when I was leaving and happened to spot this metal sign. Can you believe they had this for $5? This immediately struck me as something that might prove useful when I open my tea room one day. Meanwhile, I was sure I could find some place where it could be on display at home right now.

But there's not really a place inside where this semi-country sign would fit. And our entrance is rather simple, and I want to keep it that way, so no doodads can go there. But then it struck me that there is this spot in the garage I usually see twice a day, when I'm backing out my car to go to work and then coming back home. Why not have a little tea decor there? I realize I didn't hang it properly (you can see in the second photo where I *should* have placed two nails, but one was already there, and it worked just fine). Anyone else decorated an odd spot with your tea decor?


  1. I have the very same Welcome sign hanging on my front porch. It was a gift a few years ago from my sister. Funny! I am planning to post a picture on my blog at the end of this week.

  2. Behind my washing machine there is kind of a picture-frame built into the wall with the water pipes in them. I guess, to turn off in case of an emergency. It drove me crazy to stare at this every time I did laundry :O I found a nice beige wooden towel rack with a big teapot shape on top that I hung above the frame and put a (wait-for-it) TEA TOWEL on the rack! :) It looks so cute! You can't tell what lies behind it.

  3. I, too, have this Welcome sign hanging on our front porch just above the door bell. I've had it for hmmm, 8 years or so. Just hose it down from time to time to get the bugs, and dirt off it it. I LOVE it! It was a hoot to see your 'find'. I'm glad you own it, it needed you! I think I shall photograph my entry and post it upon my own blog this week, too.

  4. I love your welcome sign. Like you, I am drawn to teapots more than teacups in tea decor. You have me beat when it comes to unusual places to decorate with tea things. The most unlikely place I have decorated is my bathroom with a shelf of tea for one teapots. I posted that some time ago.

  5. I've just popped home for a short while and then I'll be off again tomorrow. There is much to catch up on your blog.

    That is a cute sign. I too have a "Teatime - Welcome Friends" sign in my garage. It is on the door to the kitchen and I see it each time I enter the house from the garage.


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