Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Te Med Blabarssmak

"If you would like this blog post in English, please press 1." Just kidding! But it's turning into "International Week" here on this tea blog: South Africa on Monday, China on Tuesday, and today I want to share a bit of Scandinavia with you. You see, on Monday a girlfriend and I ended an evening of shopping with a visit to the IKEA store at Atlantic Station, IKEA being famous for its low-price, Swedish-design furnishings and housewares. It's also where I came across this Te Med Blabarssmak. This organic, blueberry flavored tea from Denmark is made with Chinese Keemun tea, and the resulting blend was quite enjoyable, especially since I'm fond of Keemun. I don't believe I've ever had a flavored Keemun before, but then there are LOTS of teas I haven't tried. (Yet.)

Now IKEA is an interesting place. I've been only a few times, but every time I just marvel at the maze-like configuration of the store and the massive number of room settings they have displayed. My friend and I both were lusting over every kitchen we saw, and it slowly dawned on us that the style of these kitchens didn't really suit either of us. It's the clean counters and the spotless floors and furniture that made them so appealing!

Although I gave serious consideration to a much-needed kitchen cart at IKEA, all I left with was coffee beans for DH and a bag of loose tea and treats for me (and I did share the treats with my friend). Ever heard of these "Delicatoboll" sweets? It's like a giant, super-sweet truffle flavored with cocoa, coconut and mocha. Very rich, very sweet and ... very good with IKEA's blueberry tea!

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  1. I'd like to visit the IKEA store at Atlantic Station. We bought a sofa from IKEA for our first home purchased in Canada almost thirty years ago. Do they still have the wonderful catalogs? The blueberry Keemun tea sounds good.


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