Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer 2008 Tea A Magazine

The new issue of Tea A Magazine has arrived with perfect timing. I have the day off, recovering from having only yesterday (about 3:45 p.m., not that I was counting) finished our annual newcomers' guide for the year! That is always the hugest, most stressful project our magazine's art director and I do all year long. This week, I popped Advil like they were M&M's, and I am so relieved to have this off my plate. I think it turned out beautifully, thanks to the art director, writers and various photogs, and some of our co-workers cheered our hearts by saying they think this is the best one we've ever done. Still, I have proofread 'til I thought I'd go cross-eyed, and when I decided to stop by the local antique mall yesterday after getting through, I honestly couldn't focus my vision on small things like pricetags. Last night at bedtime, I was reading the new Tea magazine and came across this line in the article on flowering teas: "Chrysanthemum ... is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, being used as a liver tonifier, and for clearing the blurry vision of tired eyes." So, I am going to investigate my various teas and see if I don't have something containing chrysanthemum!

I always enjoy Pearl Dexter's editor's letters a great deal, and in this issue I was interested to learn that *she* took part in the first U.S. auction of Sri Lankan teas and won. Good for her! If I lived near Boston, I'd want to participate in the Sept. 7 tea at the Boston Park Plaza, where this tea will be served at a fundraiser.

I enjoyed reading about the flowering teas pictured on the cover, and in another piece I was most intrigued to learn that tea company Ito En (I've bought their teas at Big Lots, of all things) is recycling spent tea leaves. The article shows both a resin bench and a piece of plasterboard made with used tea leaves, and it also said elsewhere pens are made from the tea leaves. (Where can I get one for my pen collection?) All in all, this is just a fun issue of the magazine with lots of new information, and a perfect way to spend a relaxing morning at home.


  1. I can't wait to get home and get my copy!

  2. It's great to explore the benefits of tea ...

    The flowering Tea was something i first experienced visually through Sophia Coppolla's Marie Antoinette movie!
    ~~ love that scene.



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