Friday, July 18, 2008

The Silver Overlay Tea Pitcher

I have acquired a new tea pitcher that is currently the one I'm using to "cold brew" iced tea in the refrigerator. But this isn't just any tea pitcher; it's a silver overlay tea pitcher, and I am thrilled to have found it for just $10 at What's in Store, the wonderful little thrift/antique store just a few doors down from the office.

What's in Store is a real favorite with the folks I work with. As I checked out with my pitcher, the owner told me this had actually come out of her overflowing kitchen and is Cambridge glass. Well of course I ran with that piece of information and happily explored Cambridge pieces on the Internet. I also found a great web article on silver overlay that some of you may find interesting as well.

I fell in love with silver overlay pieces years ago. An antique store back home had a sugar and creamer I really liked but which I thought were too expensive at the time. My mother kept an eye on them for me, and one day a friendly salesgirl asked my mother if there was anything in the store she would like to see marked down. Guess what I got as a result? I really love to polish these pieces and bring the silver back to life. In the photos below, you can see detail of the silver design on the front and then the interior of the piece showing the white backing of the overlay. I love it because it looks just like a paper lace doily to me! Anyone else a fan of silver overlay?


  1. That is a lovely tea pitcher. I don't know much about silver overlay and don't have any in my glass collection. I enjoyed your post and the article that you linked. I'll have to try the polish with tarnish inhibitor that was mentioned. I'll also be on the lookout to find my first piece of silver overlay.

  2. Bee-u-tiful Angela! You are one lucky girl to have so many antique and thrift stores. Enjoy!

  3. Oh, Angela. That is one of the most beautiful glassware sets that I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing it with us. I haven't been in "What's in Store" since before Christmas. I've got to remember to stop in more often.

  4. I've never heard of silver overlay before. But it's beautiful! Enjoy your new pitcher.

  5. Angela, you certainly inspire me to visit my local thrift shops more often. You find such wonderful things!The silver overlay on the pieces you showed is absolutely stunning. In fact, I've never seen anything like it. I have a set of glasses that formerly belonged to my parents that have an initial "W" in silver overlay. Mostly they stay in a cupboard because the letters are tarnished very badly, but I just might be inspired to go polish them now!


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