Monday, July 21, 2008

The Girlhood Home Companion

"The method of serving every-day afternoon tea differs according to the presence or absence of servants. If there is no maid the tea-tray may be set ahead, ready in the pantry. It should be sufficiently large to contain the entire service. The best shape is oblong, although an oval tray sets to good advantage; it may be of silver, copper, carved wood, mahogany or wicker."
-- From "The Right Way to Give a Tea," The Ladies Home Journal, 1913

This quote, excerpted from a long-ago magazine article, is just one of the things I enjoyed in a magazine I discovered just a few weeks ago, The Girlhood Home Companion. It's for "daughters, mothers and grandmothers," and I think anyone reading this falls into at least one of those categories.

I don't remember exactly what I was googling when I came across this particular website, but I was instantly charmed by the pretty, feminine look of the covers of Girlhood Home Companion, which reminded me very much of the classic issues of Victoria magazine published back when Nancy Lindemeyer was at its helm. Inside its pages, you'll find this magazine is aimed at a younger audience, girls 10 and up, but I think women of any age who enjoy the feminine things in life would enjoy it. The sample copy I purchased was the "Tea and Faith" issue, and in addition to the 1913 article on tea, there art lots of great tea time recipes as well as lovely articles on May baskets and how to natural dye Easter eggs. If you're interested, copies are available at

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  1. I love new magazine discoveries! Thank you for sharing this one! I wonder where it has been all this time? I saw that it "resumed" printing in 06...hmmm... I love to visit your blog and enjoy the slice of beauty and knowledge you offer.


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