Thursday, July 3, 2008

B-L-Tea Sandwiches

The e-mail from a friend had the simple subject line "Mayo and Bread," but it was enough to make me cheer. I knew this was her way of letting me know the tomatoes were in, so yesterday I was at her house with my hands out for tomatoes - literally - and left with an enormous box of them, along with side orders of green beans, cucumbers, eggplant and blueberries. My husband had just brought home some squash and zucchini he had received, so we are going to be eating well around here over the July Fourth holidays!

But I have to say the tomatoes excite me most, because I love-love-love a good tomato sandwich. When the salmonella scare broke out a few weeks ago, I craved a fresh tomato sandwich even more. After I picked up the mother lode of tomatoes yesterday, I ran by the store for that one loaf of white bread I indulge in each year and made a sandwich for a late lunch. The order is this: Bread. Mayo. Tomato slices. Freshly ground salt and pepper. More mayo. Bread. Yum!

For supper, my husband fried up some bacon so we had BLT's on toasted bread. Just delicious! Then, I was reading through a new tearoom cookbook at bedtime and came across an idea I'd never considered before, the BLT as a tea sandwich. It suggested crumbling up the bacon in the mayonnaise, spreading it on tiny, cut-out bread slices, then layering the lettuce and tomato. I think that would make a fine tea sandwich! Don't you? (Hint: It's also great for breakfast!)


  1. Angela, when I serve my cream cheese, bacon(crumbled) and diced green onion tea sandwiches to friends, they swoon! I also serve my version of a club tea sandwich: mayo mixed with crumbled bacon,spread onto bread with crusts removed,layered with fresh tomato and shaved turkey. Yum! Susan

  2. I love, love this post title! You are so clever! And this is my favorite sandwich...tho this year I'm giving it a try with fake (veggie) bacon. I'll let you know how that goes.

  3. Your sandwich looks deee-licious!

  4. I love homegrown tomato sandwiches! Lucky you! I'm still waiting for them in KY.

  5. What a delicious idea! I have turkey bacon, lettuce, low fat mayo and roma tomatoes - will use wheat bread toasted and thaks to the idea of having it for breakfast, who would have thought? I've added your idea to my file of summer time tea sandwiches.

    Thank you!

    Denise, who while having already had a taco salad for dinner is ow wishing for a BLT

  6. Oh, tomato sandwich from the garden sounds so good. Tomatoes here won't be ready for at least another month. I must remember this idea.


  7. How great to have gardening friends who share their bounty. I'm hoping my next door neighbour will share with us again this season. I too love juicey tomato sandwiches. Tomatoes and okra with ginger and garlic is another favorite. Thanks for the tea sandwich idea.

  8. I absolutely love these sandwiches. We are serving them this week at my tea room. We first make a base using cream cheese, bacon, swiss cheese and onion then spread this mixture on dark rye and garnish with a tomato. This one is an open-faced sandwich. This recipe happens to be in our latest cookbook, "Drop by for Tea."


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