Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tea things at Michaels

In reading other women's blogs, especially the crafty ones, I've noticed how often someone mentions finding something new at Michaels crafts store and using "my 40 percent off coupon." I'm pretty fond of those coupons too, but sometimes even 40 percent off isn't good enough. Like with this little display cabinet. I wasn't sure it would end up being very useful back home, but when I discovered it was 60 percent off the other day, I thought NOW we're talkin'! I'm not at all convinced this will be the final result, with tea bag rests, strainers, an infuser, a lemon bird and a cute teaspoon. Somewhere, I think I've stashed some of those tiny tea books that might fit. Maybe some pretty teabags? I've got a few of the flatter teapot Christmas ornaments that might fit, but I don't want to go plundering for those until closer to Christmas. At any rate, if you've been wanting a little "tea cabinet" of your own, remember: 60 percent off. It doesn't get much better than that.

Also at Michaels, I discovered the $1 bins - always a good place to look for tea party favors - currently have some cute Mary Engelbreit items with teapots on them. I got the notecards and a pad and pen set. I actually saw the notepad listed on eBay for about $3, plus $3 shipping, and it dawned on me the design was very similar to some things I'd seen at Michaels. Thus I made a trip and got the goodies you see here.

Of course now I can't give these $1 treasures to any of the friends who read this tea blog because they'll know my shopping secret, but YOU can certainly load up while the price is right!


  1. That really is a nice little display cabinet. It is perfect for your collection of tea things. I'm also a big fan of Michaels 40% off coupons and will use mine for a magazine, if I'm not in need of any other supplies.

  2. I love your cupboard, I bought the exact same one on Monday for the same price! I had been eyeing it for awhile but was too cheap until then. Mine is for the bedroom. You have also made me a TJ Maxx "thrifter". I have always avoided those stores and now I am the proud owner of 4 different patterned blue spode tea cups that match a cobalt blue teapot I inherited from my mom that I used to not like. I also bought almost all the Mary Englebreit note cards and mini note cards with the blue teapots on them. They were used as invitations for an outdoor tea party at my sister's home. You can see the pictures at http:/ Love your blog!

  3. What a creative way to use this little cabinet! You have inspired me to stop by Michael's more often!


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