Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tea a Magazine Spring 2008 issue

Not long after I wrote about my (small) collection of tea tins, I received the Spring 2008 issue of Tea A Magazine in the mail. The very first feature is "Collecting Tea Tins," and Kirsten Kristensen shares her wonderful collection and how it came to be.

"From the moment I saw them I knew I had to have them, so I bought the whole lot ..." she begins. Kirsten says tea tins basically fell into two categories: those made for everyday use and those made for special occasions or as souvenirs of an event such as a royal coronation or an anniversary year. One of the tins pictured in the article once contained "Tabloid Tea," which was a compressed tablet form of tea made by a London pharmaceutical company. I'd never heard of "Tabloid Tea," although I have sampled both tea and sugar made into little heart-shaped tablets by a company that sells these as wedding favors.

As always there is much to enjoy and learn from the latest issue of Tea a Magazine, including tea recipes, a great listing of tea quotes, and a feature on the tea bowl, a topic about which I plan to write more very soon, since I need to investigate a tea bowl of my own!


  1. Looking forward to getting to know this magazine.As always,
    thanks Angela!

  2. It is a lovely magazine. It's hard to find in my area - I guess subscription is the way to go. I sometimes buy back copies at tearooms that I visit. Look forward to hearing about the tea bowl.

  3. Hello tea loving ladies,

    While doing a search on some other tea related topics I came accross this beautiful Tea Blog Magazine. What an excellent job Angela! I loved the crochet tea cozy - and so many other of your stories.

    Anyway, I am the Kirsten Kristensen who writes for Tea A Magazine, and who did the story on tea tins. You said that you have a collection, too, Angela - and to you readers, as well: if any of you have any information - or stories you remember from grandparents or even have antique tins, I would be very happy to get in touch with you. I am so excited by the history that these wonderful treasures tell and try to research what ever is possible to find. Please contact me at if you would like to share any information of the tin history.

    Yours in Tea,


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