Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tea and Cookies

Last Friday, I took the day off work and headed to the Marietta (Georgia) Square. My friend (and co-worker) Holly was celebrating the May birthdays of several of us by taking us to tea at the Vineyard Cafe. I'm sorry to tell you that although my camera was in the car, I had failed to take it with me on my shopping jaunt prior to meeting up with my friends, so I can't show you the great spread we all enjoyed. I will, however, say that I had visited this very spot in its previous life, and although I had a nice Cream Tea at Tiffany's Tea Room several years ago, it was a much nicer decor and tea experience that we enjoyed at the Vineyard Cafe. We were overlooking a beautiful park, and with four of us gals there, all journalists, we had great fun making up our own story about the young couple enjoying lunch together on a blanket they had spread on the grass. After our lunchtime tea and a little more antiquing on the square I headed home and found this lovely pink hat box waiting by my front door. It was a birthday gift from my friend Ashly. Hmmm ...

Classic Coffee & Tea? What on earth? I opened it and found these six adorable pink heart-shaped teacups and saucers! Ashly is not only my friend but also my favorite shopping companion, because we both can "shop 'til we drop" and I know she can keep up with me while shopping. Ashly was with me when I spotted a floral heart-shaped cup and saucer last summer. She must have remembered how much I LOVED enjoying tea from a heart-shaped vessel, but I can't imagine how she found these when I looked and looked for months, online and in stores and even at a tea trade show, and never turned up anything nearly this wonderful.

And I happened to have the perfect treat to enjoy with tea in these lovely new cups and saucers. Remember a few weeks ago when we were all coming up with words that end in -tea? Like Serenitea, Creativitea, Partea?

Allow me to introduce you to this wonderful new Biscottea! My husband laughed the other night as I oohed and aahed over the yummy flavor of this Earl Grey Tea Shortbread. Now I love Earl Grey tea, and this cookie is packed with that flavor. Interestingly, the cookies ($3.99 at T.J. Maxx) are made with organic Darjeeling tea, not Earl Grey, but the bergamot flavoring sure makes it taste like Earl Grey. The cookies also come in other flavors - Blueberry Tea, Chai Tea, Mint Tea and African Honeybush Tea - so I'd love to hear if any of you have tried them.


  1. What a beautiful tea set! I did a search and found that Stash, Red Rose, and Salada also sell a set of heart shaped teacups and saucers - a set of six, each a different color. Have a tealightful day!

  2. Thanks for the shopping tip -- for me and anyone else who may be reading! Won't these be just perfect for Valentine's Teas next year? And I just love how the liquid takes the shape of a heart. Now, to go check out your sources!

  3. Happy Birthday Angela!

    That is a beautiful tea set. I know you will enjoy using it.

  4. What a beautiful gift that will match your beautiful Pink Tea Pot!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun birthday tea. I didn't know that Tiffany's Tea Room is now the Vineyard Cafe -another place to have tea. Did Tea and Traditions really close too? The heart shaped cups and saucers are very pretty. They will be great for a Valentine parTea.

    The cookies sound delicious. Guess I'll have to make a trip to Fayetteville, the closest T.J. Maxx. I would especially like to try the Chai flavor. Thanks for the great info.

  6. Very prettea!! tammyp

  7. Biscottea is also available at many Pier 1 stores


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