Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mad about Mango

Do you have a favorite fruit flavor of tea? I seem to this year: Mango. When I stop by the grocery store on the way home from work, I'm likely to grab a bottle of Tazo Mango Tea.

At home, I've been enjoying this Mango Tea a friend got for me at Fortnum and Mason in London last year. And when I got a recent shipment from Upton Tea, it included a sample of their Green Tea Mango Indica. Oh, my, was this good! I should have ordered a whole packet - and will, next time. And I can't forget Bigelow's Green Tea with Mango. I'd been drinking that hot until someone (from Bigelow, I think) left a comment here on the blog last year about how much they enjoyed it iced. I tried it, added a little sweetener, and it became an instant favorite summer drink. In fact, I probably need to go buy a new box for that very purpose ...

And over the weekend, I was at a Whole Foods in Atlanta (LOVE that place) and came across the Tea Spot's Mango Tango. It was on sale for just $4.49, which I thought was a great price for a tin of tea, but best of all, it has a nice, full, mango flavor. On the way home with the tea, it occurred to me this vendor was one I'd visited at last year's World Tea Expo, and they had even given me this neat little infuser cup with their logo, so naturally I had to use that in making the tea. Did you know the World Tea Expo is coming up this week? Alas, it's in Las Vegas this year, not Atlanta, so I won't be attending. But if you'd like to see some of the new products that will be shown there, go here. And if you're going to the Expo yourself this year, by all means, send us some reports!

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  1. I've only tried one type of mango flavored tea. I purchased Celestial Seasonings Organic Mango Darjeeling at It is quite good and also available at most large grocery stores. Thanks for naming some others to try.

    I have never been to the World Tea Expo (or Vegas), but I think it would be a terrific experience. I'll look forward to exploring the Expo online.


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