Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Tiny Tea Press

A few weeks ago, my friend Deberah came into the office with the neatest tea gadget I've seen in a while, a Citizen's Travel Press from Republic of Tea. It was just like the Bodum travel presses many of us use for steeping tea on the go (and this one is by Bodum as well), but it was small, just big enough for a single six-ounce cup of tea.

Did you read the front of it? "Sip by sip rather than gulp by gulp." Gotta love it. Where'd she get it? I wanted to know. Whole Foods, it so happens, was the source. But of course! She is a frequent Whole Foods shopper, and I would be if I were near one more often. The first time I visited one several years ago, I was just overwhelmed by the fresh fruits and veggies, the biggest shrimp I've ever seen in my life, and a tea selection that was just incredible. It was a while, though, before I would fully "get" the Whole Foods concept. I was in Atlanta one afternoon last fall and developed a headache but had a few hours to go before an event in the city that night. I thought I'd pop into Whole Foods for a bottle of Advil. When I couldn't find any, I searched out a sales clerk and politely said, "Excuse me, where is the Advil?" She rose to her full seven-foot height, adjusted her eyeglasses so she could glare at me over them, and said, "We don't SELL that," perhaps just the teensiest bit haughtily. It was as if I'd asked her to please direct me to the crack aisle. Instead, she showed me to the shelves where they had some $10 Advil-substitute. I thanked her, opted for a fruit tart from the bakery instead, and made it through the evening just fine.

But I digress! My point is, my friend was back at Whole Foods recently and surprised me with one of these great little travel presses of my own! After she gave it to me, I confessed I've been visiting the Republic of Tea web site and STILL haven't seen this item listed, so I'm extra grateful for the thoughtful gift.


  1. I don't get to Whole Foods often either--but I have a neat story about them. Once I went and got to the check out and could not find my wallet. I live half hour away from it and was most disappointed that I would go home empty handed.

    The cashier said: "Just go to customer service and they will let you take it home and pay later."

    I could hardly believe it--I have never had that happen in a store. So, I went to Customer Service and they took my name and number and made a copy of my $40.00 sales slip and sent me on my way.

    I did express how surprised I was that they would honor my transaction without a payment. They said no one has ever gone without paying it and it has worked out well.

    When I got in the car I saw my wallet--it had slipped out of my purse. Relieved, I went back in and paid up.

    I do like your tea press. Sip by sip....Candyce

  2. Angela, Thanks so much for your constant surprises and information on so many interesting tea gadgets and finds. I love discovering new things with teas and must confess I have never seen a tea press before. How does it work?

  3. What a nice little tea gadget. I don't have anything like this to steep loose tea when traveling. I have an "Ingenuitea" cup by Adagio Tea that I really like. It is clear (allows you to watch the leaves unfurl) and comes with its own coaster. You steep the tea in it and then just set it on your cup or mug and the tea drains into it. Neat.


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