Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time for a little hilari*tea

Last summer, I bought as my Seaside souvenir this "Sereni*tea" mug. When I visited the newly-opened "You're Invited" stationery store in Senoia recently, I found the matching teabag rest. I don't know that I've seen one before with a teacup on top, so I'm especially fond of this piece. Obviously, I was charmed by the clever word, but this line from Mudpie also includes these variations: Prosperi*tea, Simplici*tea, Sinceri*tea, Creativi*tea and Tranquili*tea.

Of course Mudpie wasn't the first to employ this use of "tea" as part of another word. One of this blog's treasured readers goes by the name ParTea Lady, and one of the tea blogs I've been reading the longest is The ParTea Planner. Here are a few more words that might find their way into our tea lexicon someday: Individuali*tea, Originali*tea, Reali*tea, Hospitali*tea (this could be a tea to welcome a new neighbor to town).

And on a totally warped note, here are some tea party ideas using more of these words: Abnormali*tea: A tea for all your flaky friends. (C'mon. We've all got 'em!) Formali*tea: A black tie tea where everyone has to dress up and use courtesy titles: "Good afternoon, Mrs. McRae." "I welcome you to my home, Mrs. Smith." Punctuali*tea: A tea that starts at 2 p.m. on the dot. Not a minute sooner, not a minute later. Speciali*tea: The ear/nose/throat doctor has tea with the gastroenterologist. And a Hilari*tea, of course, would be the laughter-filled tea shared with your most humorous friends. Anyone want to add to the list?


  1. I really like the teabag rest. Does "You're Invited" have an online business?

    You are such a cuTea and your blog always shows such femininiTea and creativiTea. Thanks for giving us all something to look forward to each day.

  2. Hello! I just received a gift of the Sinceri-tea mug. I love it!!!

  3. Continue to enjoy your blog everyday since finding it around Christmas.

    A few to add to your list:

    Frivioli*tea ~ lots of fun and merriment!

    Festivi*tea ~ a celebration of joy!

    Antiqui*tea ~ use antique linens, dishes, etc. and bring your Grandmother or another favorite antique (picture of ancestor to share)

    Uniqui*tea ~ wear something unique and/or bring something unique.... (most unique cup and saucer, recipe, friend, etc.)

    Thanks for bringing us such wonderful posts ~ always a pleasure.



  4. Uh-Oh, Angela ~ I'm on a roll....

    Sensiviti*tea ~ have soothing background music, speak in hushed tones, with only encouraging words.

    Chasti*tea ~ a tea for young teens emphasizing the importance of abstinance

    Populari*tea ~ theme based on Pop Culture: songs, TV shows, books, movies, foods, etc.

    Celebri*tea ~ guests dress up like a famous person

    Ingenui*tea ~ use clever or novel teas, tablescapes, recipes, etc., perhaps using items in a different way than their original use for which it was designed.

    Socie*tea ~ based on High Society of by-gone eras.

    Divini*tea ~ of course, serve divinity and speak of spiritual matters.

    Craf*tea ~ use decorations that are crafted, a craft, give craft favors.

    Nationali*tea ~ serve teas from different countries, decorate accordingly, etc., etc.

    Congeniali*tea ~ invite friends who don't know each other and then have them invite a friend whom you don't know and mix & mingle.

    Well, I think that is all for now. I'm off to walk the dogs... (when I have my prayer time, but I have a feeling ~ I might come up with some more) Just yell "uncle" when you want me to stop!

    with tenaci*tea and veraci*tea,


  5. Rebecca, clearly I should have let *you* write this post!!! Your ideas are great, so keep 'em coming. (Can't believe I didn't list Frivoli*tea, since that's the name of a blogger I really like!)

  6. I found you through Tea Party Girl. What about these?

    Hear*tea - where we serve rich, filling foods

    gentili*tea - very genteel

    nut*tea - where we all act silly

    OK, those were bad. Sorry.

  7. Kim, nothing is too nut*tea for THIS blog! Love your suggestions!


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