Thursday, March 6, 2008

Southern Living & Yellow Peach Tea

When I became a newspaper lifestyle editor in my early twenties, one thing I quickly learned was that I had *better* read Southern Living magazine each month. Frankly, it wasn't even on my radar at the time, but I began to notice during interviews with women on any topic relating to hearth and home, it wasn't "Do you read Southern Living?" but "Have you seen that recipe for x in the new Southern Living?" It was simply assumed you would read it. Well, the recipes and articles were great, but I have always hated-hated-hated the design of this magazine. The name of the magazine was always in a bright yellow font, even at Christmas, and the very thick magazine was stapled, not perfect-bound like a book. (If this sounds picky, just imagine working with me on our own magazine each month!)

That's a long way of saying this: Southern Living, to which I have greatly warmed over the years, has undergone a redesign and it is GORGEOUS! The magazine is now perfect-bound, which means that the nasty stapled cover is a thing of the past. And the name on the cover is no longer yellow! I like yellow just fine, I just didn't want it to be that color all the time. So I'm very happy with my Southern Living magazine this month, which is fitting since I just got some new tea from their Southern Living at Home division. It's one of those home party companies (think Tupperware), but I ordered the tea from a co-worker whose aunt is a distributor. This is the Yellow Peach Tea, and it is so delicious!

Here's what's in the tea: "Apple bits, rooibos, raisins, rose blossom leaves, natural and artificial flavors, papaya bits, peach bits and sunflower blossoms." This stuff is like a garden party in a teacup, so if any of you southern gals see a Southern Living at Home catalog floating around your office, you may want to check it out. And just out of curiosity ... Southern Living remains *the* lifestyle magazine here in the South, but I'm wondering what the must-read REGIONAL magazines are elsewhere in the country. Any of you non-southern ladies care to comment?


  1. I love Southern Living magazine too, but I'm slow in warming up to the new format - I could always spot one in a pile because it didn't look like all the rest! It can't be beat for recipes, travel ideas, and decorating. I've also purchased several issues of Midwest Living and find it to be just as enjoyable. It's hard to find in PA, so I pick one up occasionally when I'm traveling. You can also purchase Southern Living At Home products online!

  2. I am grateful for your focus on excellence! And I also enjoy the new design of Southern Living.

  3. dear ones, I know you don't remember me; but I was one of the ladies from St. Louis that visited you all in September. I am back in Idaho and my friends love the tea I brought back with me. I have had to "ration" it when they come to visit. Just a hello. I know you are doing wonderful and I hope to see you next time we are in Destin.


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