Friday, March 21, 2008

Nesting my feather

Yesterday I had the thought: I've got a new Easter outfit for me, so why not a new Easter outfit for the house? All I had in mind was, loosely, a feather and nest theme. I had this neat feather my husband found while mowing the lawn, and I thought perhaps I could frame it and surround it with nests. Well, the feather idea didn't work out, so I decided to stick with only the nests. And it's Suzanne's fault. Over at her gorgeous Pink Roses blog, a small miracle happened a couple of weeks ago: I won her springtime nest giveaway! The vintage-looking, pink-flowered nest with the robin's egg blue eggs is the one she so thoughtfully gave away. The one at right came from a great little gift shop/home decor store in Senoia called -- get this -- The Best Nest!

No matter what and where I'm decorating, teacups are always put to use. This blue LuRay set is a fine spot to park a silk hydrangea that was on a gift from a friend.

I also decided it was time to fetch this pastel blue tea set, a long ago gift from my parents, out of the cabinet where it's been hibernating all winter. (I know, I know, it clashes with the red walls. They'll be blue soon. My DH - who has a birthday today, by the way! - says so.) This set seemed to go well with the faux chocolate bunnies and nests.

Speaking of bunnies and nests ... during my whirlwind shopping trip last week, I also stopped in Sharpsburg at Legacy Too, a beautiful, peaceful gift shop where I found this teeny little wire nest basket. Yes, it may be a tight economy, but $2 treasures like this make it bearable, don't you think?

And I'm almost afraid to show you this, but ... Legacy Too also had this great reproduction chocolate mold, which is lovely but not food-safe, so you know what I'm molding right now? Tea grounds! I have no idea if this will work or not, but I've packed the mold full of tea-gone-flat from some teabags I saved for tea dying purposes.

I've got it stuffed and standing in a paper towel in an oversized teacup, waiting on it to soak up water and moisten the tea. I wonder if there's a chance this will moisten up and then dry out by Easter? Oh well, even if it doesn't work, I'm happy to have the reproduction chocolate mold bunny. And I've prattled on quite enough for today, so I'll share more Spring decorating photos another day. Have A Blessed Easter, everyone!


  1. Oh! Gorgeous! I just love the use of nests and eggs and other things that connect us with nature.

  2. absolutely beautiful! I love the nests, birds ..... eggs. Thanks for your gorgeous ideas.

  3. This is such a pretty page! Easter is my favorite time of the year and I love to decorate my house with birds nests as well. I've collected mine from the front porch after the nesting birds vacate them. I've had them all over my house over the years. I also collect rabbits and birds, so when Easter and Spring comes along, out come my collections! My tea pots and cups sit with my collections too. Thanks again for the beautiful display.
    Hope you have a wonderful and Christ filled Easter!

  4. What beautiful springtime vignettes! And lovely photos as well!

  5. You have done a beautiful job!


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