Friday, March 28, 2008

More tea toiletry discoveries

Just when you think the whole tea-as-cosmetic-ingredient thing has peaked, here comes another new product. Dove, for instance, keeps rolling out new additions to its Green Tea and Cucumber scented line. I saw coupons for shampoo, conditioner and deodorant (!) the other day, although I haven't tried these yet. If you have, please speak up!

Two new products I have tried? First, a grocery store find: this new liquid hand soap from Dial that contains White Tea and Vitamin E pearls. I love trying new hand soaps around the house. These are what marketers call "cheap luxuries," and this new one has a very pleasant fresh floral fragrance.

And You're Invited, the new stationery shop on Main Street in Senoia, has a nice selection of bath and body products from Time and Again. I tried this Green Tea Hand Cream and like it a lot. It's another light floral fragrance, it's even got tea leaves in the graphics, and now I'm eager to go back and try some of the other products in this line.


  1. I did try the Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Hand Wash mentioned in an earlier post. It has a nice fragrance and seems gentle on the skin. The only negative is that I can't find any tea in the list of ingredients.

    The Time and Again Green Tea Hand Cream sounds nice. I'll have to try that. It may be worth a trip to Senoia to get their products and the SereniTea teabag rest.

    Earth Therapeutics makes a Green Tea Herbal Soap thats smells wonderful. It has vitamins C, E and green tea polyphenols. It has rice bran to exfoliate the skin. I think it would be perfect for the sauna or gym. They have a website (

  2. While at a yard sale this morning, I met a young girl selling Mary Kay products. They have some products called Red Tea and Fig. I did not look at the label to see if tea is actually an ingredient. I did however get to try the lotion. Quite nice. Of course, Mary Kay is not cheap. I believe there is a body lotion, loofah body cleanser and a spritzer. I think around $15 each. Perhaps you know a Mary Kay lady who will let you sample it.


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