Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Use a Tea Press

When Teresa asked yesterday about how to use a tea press, it occurred to me this might be a nice little topic to have on the blog for those of you who have never used one of these gadgets before. Here on the left is the new Citizen's Travel Press I received as a gift, and at right is the larger size tea press I've normally used, my latest being a hot pink Bodum model. I have to say, though, I had the small one in my car's cup holder on the way to the office this morning, and I love-love-love using it.

Here's what the small one looks like when the plunger top is off the cup. Note the fine mesh screen. (Don't I sound like a hostess on some shopping channel? "Note the fine mesh screen, and if you order within the next hour ...") The mesh is what will press those tea leaves down in the tumbler while allowing your steeped tea to slip quietly on through.

Next, a spoonful of Silver Needle Tea awaits the water.

Here's what the Silver Needle looks like while steeping. (Note, I have the lid unscrewed so I could take the photo, but normally I'd have the lid already screwed on as the tea steeped.)

Five minutes later, and it's time to press the magic plunger.

Look closely and you'll see the tea leaves pressed by the tea press. Another cool thing about one of these gadgets is that with many of the teas I've tried, you can remove the plunger, add more water and get a second steeping. So if you haven't tried using a tea press before, this is definitely something you will want to check out!


Southern Touch Catering said...

That's pretty cool. I look forward to finding my own.
Thanks Angela!

Anonymous said...

I learned something about white tea from a friend who owned a tea room for 8 years. You can actually steep white tea 4 times! I can testify that this is true - the flavor changes just a bit with each steeping and I prefer it the third or fourth tim around. It sure makes paying $9 per ounce a little easier to swallow - pun intended.

Steph said...

What a great tutorial! Thank you!

Angela McRae said...

Anonymous, you are right! I got FOUR steepings out of the teaspoon of white tea from this morning. The third was actually my favorite one because it had such a smooth, flavorful taste. And indeed it does seem much more economical when considered this way, doesn't it!