Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time to Get a Grip?

Now, seriously, how would YOU react if your dear friend and co-worker showed up at your desk one day with THIS in tow? "Get A Grip. Herb Tea for PMS/Menopause." Lovely, right? Actually, my friend was laughing as she handed this over and explained that it was not to be taken personally. Then she told me some cockamamie story about her daughter having given her this tea, but then neither of them really cared for it, so perhaps this could be added to the office stash of teas. (So of course she wasn't suggesting *I* needed to get a grip. Harumph!)

The chicory root seemed to be the offending ingredient for these ladies, but I had pleasant memories of the chicory in the Cafe Du Monde coffee in New Orleans, sipped quite enjoyably with beignets during my trip to New Orleans last year. But alas, the pleasant memory was just a memory, because the chicory tea just doesn't grip me.

This is one of those funky teas made by Republic of Tea, whose other offerings, let me hasten to add, I like very much. Christmas teas? Yum. Green tea with pear flavor? De-lish. Ginger Peach Black Tea? Terrific. Get a Grip tea? Not so much. But then I don't really care for the idea of these new "medicinal" type teas anyway. Do you? Anyone had a different experience with Get a Grip?

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  1. ;-) This is a very funny post! I'm not much for Chicory Root, either.


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