Monday, October 8, 2007

Teatime Fabrics

I should probably warn you all that in the fall and winter, my inner crafter goes into overdrive and I'm always either making something or thinking about making something. This weekend, I finished quilting one applique block, got over halfway on another, and since this will be a floral quilt, I began thinking about what I want to work on next: another quilt with tea-themed fabrics.

I say "another" quilt with tea-themed fabrics because one is already in progress, a blended quilt featuring that pretty Victorian print up top. I got it from the (very lovely) folks at This mauve piece, however, was an eBay find I came across one day while looking for something else (don't you HATE when that happens!). I've been collecting brownish fabrics for a fall-themed quilt, and this will surely became a part of that, if not the central fabric.

Tea-themed fabrics are always a treat to come across, and not as common as you might wish. The cute forties looking print above and the bright whimsical print below were pieces I came across in fabric shop travels. The forties print may find a home in one of the classic vintage quilt designs. The whimsical one? I'm seeing it as part of a crayon-colored quilt set against a black background to make the colors pop. But don't think you have to be a quilter to enjoy teatime fabrics! They can also be used in many stitchless projects and scrapbooking, which is why I say, we all need a little fabric in our lives!


  1. Oh, thank you for these beauties! I hope that you will continue to share when you find tea-themed fabrics. I have a hard time finding them! I'm just learning to sew and keep my eye on these!

  2. Happy to share the news! And by the way, if you like the more modern/funky prints as well, go to and do a search for "tea," then click on "Caffeine Corner" where they have a slew of tea (and coffee) themed prints. I love the new "Veranda" pattern featuring a stripe that is a stack of teacups. Happy sewing!

  3. I hope you will share your finished products that use the above fabrics. As a fellow quilter I know that sometimes a project takes longer to complete than anticipated. Many of mine become UFO's (unfinished objects) before they are completed. Too many projects, note enough time.


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