Friday, October 19, 2007

Tea & Cookies

In a perfect world, petits fours would be nutritious, inexpensive, and as easy to find as a candy bar. That not being the case, we have to make do with whatever sweets are available to us in this world. The humble cookie is a favorite for many, and I am partial to those cookies that happen to have the word "Tea" stamped on the package and even the cookie itself.

The cookie at top is a Kedem chocolate flavored tea cookie. These were very inexpensive at my local Publix (about $1, I believe). It tastes like a chocolate animal cracker, and when I need a little something to go with a cup of chai tea, this serves me well. Can you see that it actually says "Special Tea" on the cookie? Neat.

In a neighboring town, there is a World Market store where I enjoy checking out foods from around the world, especially those in the British aisle. Most recently, I found these chocolate-dipped Rich Tea cookies from Cadbury, and they were just delicious. And though I don't have a package on hand at the moment, I also like the Social Tea Biscuits I get at the grocery store, the ones by Nabisco. If the makers are wise enough to put the word "Tea" right on the package, well, I have to support them!


Steph said...

Those Cadbury tea cookies look like Chocolate Digestives, which I am a HUGE fan of - my favorite cookie! YUM!

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina. said...

I'll buy just about anything as long as it has the word TEA on it. I've been known to choose paint color strictly because of its name.

I have seen paint colors named "Devonshire Cream", "Warm Scones" and "Black Tea". Now, who could resist a color combination like that!!!