Friday, October 19, 2007

Tea & Cookies

In a perfect world, petits fours would be nutritious, inexpensive, and as easy to find as a candy bar. That not being the case, we have to make do with whatever sweets are available to us in this world. The humble cookie is a favorite for many, and I am partial to those cookies that happen to have the word "Tea" stamped on the package and even the cookie itself.

The cookie at top is a Kedem chocolate flavored tea cookie. These were very inexpensive at my local Publix (about $1, I believe). It tastes like a chocolate animal cracker, and when I need a little something to go with a cup of chai tea, this serves me well. Can you see that it actually says "Special Tea" on the cookie? Neat.

In a neighboring town, there is a World Market store where I enjoy checking out foods from around the world, especially those in the British aisle. Most recently, I found these chocolate-dipped Rich Tea cookies from Cadbury, and they were just delicious. And though I don't have a package on hand at the moment, I also like the Social Tea Biscuits I get at the grocery store, the ones by Nabisco. If the makers are wise enough to put the word "Tea" right on the package, well, I have to support them!


  1. Those Cadbury tea cookies look like Chocolate Digestives, which I am a HUGE fan of - my favorite cookie! YUM!

  2. I'll buy just about anything as long as it has the word TEA on it. I've been known to choose paint color strictly because of its name.

    I have seen paint colors named "Devonshire Cream", "Warm Scones" and "Black Tea". Now, who could resist a color combination like that!!!


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