Monday, October 1, 2007

Some tea news to chew on

If I hadn't been stuck in line at one of our nation's fine discount stores the other day, I never would have known about this interesting item: Ice Breakers Strawberry Gum "with antioxidants from Vitamin C & green tea."

Now I buy a package of chewing gum about, oh, once every five years, so I'm done for a while. This one has pieces of gum just about the size of the M&M's in the last post, and the serving size is 2 pieces. I tried two, which instantly reduced to about the size of a Chiclet, and the taste was pleasant enough, if you like fruity sugar-free gum. The nutrition information reveals that two pieces provide 10 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C. It also says the gum contains 2% or less of green tea leaf extract. Looks like I'm going to have to chew a lot of gum to get the benefits of that green tea, eh? Mostly, I'm intrigued that the marketing folks at Hershey, makers of the gum, are tuned in to touting the benefits of green tea.

In other green tea news, I was interested to read this bit about green tea in the Oct. 26, 2007 issue of All You magazine. Question: Are there any foods that can help burn calories? Answer: The article says researchers are studying "four potential calorie burners," which include green tea, coffee, hot peppers and grapefruit. Regarding the green tea, it says, "A 2002 study found that drinking about three 8-ounce cups a day for 12 weeks led to a 4 percent to 5 percent decrease in body weight (about six pounds for a 140-pound person)." Definitely something to chew on!


  1. Green tea is slimming, yes - and think about trying Yerba Mate too.

    All About Tea is probably the best place to look for info on both mate and green tea.

  2. I was aware that oolong tea help you lose weight by raising your metabolism, however I was not aware that green tea also helped you lose weight. I drink both for their health benefits.


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