Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sandy Lynam Clough's Tea Art

A road trip is in my future, so a few weeks ago I began looking for some sort of portable needlework kit to take with me. I love the quilt projects I'm currently working on, but applique involves too many teeny-tiny straight pins that I can just see scattered all over the car, and I haven't yet figured out a way to plug the sewing machine into the car's cigarette lighter. So. A Hobby Lobby near my mom's house was having a clearance sale on some kits, and I found the most wonderful one for 65% off! It's a Sandy Lynam Clough cross-stitch kit from Bucilla. It even features a design I have enjoyed on one of her calendars in the past.

Clough hasn't produced a calendar every year, alas, and I believe the last one I purchased was this one from 2004. It features, I think, some of her prettiest work ever. The cover image was on some notecards I used for quite a while.

Several years ago, I got to hear Clough in person when she and Emilie Barnes (another favorite tea personality) were speaking at an area church. Both women shared how God has led them in their careers, and it is amazing, really, the success they've both had with their tea-related work. This miniature hat box featuring a Clough design is part of a set of three. I haven't seen any new Clough designs lately. Have you?


  1. Angela,

    I check your blog everyday. It amazes me how much we have in common! We are even the same age! Anyway, I love Emilie Barnes and Sandy Lynam. Her website is another favorite of mine. Now I am going to search for her tea art I would love to make one of those! Also, you would love Victoria Magazine, it is finally back! Yippy!
    Have a tea-lightful day!

  2. I love everything I've seen of Sandy Clough's. Since she hasn't put out a calendar for a couple of years, I pulled out her 2001 calendar and have been using it this year. I pretty sure 2002 calendar will work for next year.

    Check out the Tea Tray project on Sandy's website.

    It never ceases to amaze me what you come up with each day for this lovely blog. I'm here everyday checking it out. Thanks


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