Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On Tea & Thrifting

One of the common threads I've noticed in the blogs I read is that we all seem to enjoy hearing about everyone's adventures in "thrifting," or visiting the thrift stores. Well, I've never had much luck at the local thrift stores. I'm a tightwad of the highest order, and even Goodwill wanted too much for some of their housewares, I thought. (When I can find it cheaper at an antique store, you know you're in trouble.) Friends have scored some great buys at the local thrift stores, but that was never my case. Until now.

Let me just begin by saying, "The Salvation Army rocks!" Where else could you leave with a bag full of teawares (carefully wrapped in newsprint) for $1.34?

My finds included the clever teabag mug at top (the exterior view, then the interior view showing the "faux" teabag), a mug with tea motifs and fall colors, and three clear glass Duralex teacups, which I'll use when baking those "teacup desserts" I found in Donna Hay magazine a while back. Tomorrow, this blog will answer the burning question: Did we find good will at Goodwill?

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  1. LOVE the teacup and especially the mug. There's just something about those words "Let's put the kettle on". Sigh.

    Ain't tea grand???!!!


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