Friday, October 26, 2007

Hot Apple Cider Tea

As soon as I got those wicker tea glass holders a few weeks ago, I knew what tea would be fitting to drink out of them: that new Hot Apple Cider Tea from Republic of Tea.

I think I learned about the tea from an e-mail, or possibly from the ROT catalog. I really love cider, and the idea of finding that flavor in a tea was quite appealing.

Over the weekend I popped into a World Market store, and as usual I had to check out all the tea offerings at back. They have, among other things, some neat Twinings products, like a reproduction London taxi with a Twinings logo on the side. Although I couldn't justify spending $24.99 on what was basically a tea toy, I did permit myself the treat of a tin of this Hot Apple Cider Tea, and it's even better than I hoped it would be. If you like apples, cider and a hint of fall in your teacup, give this one a try.


  1. On your recommendation I bought a tin of this tea. I tried it last night and it's great. Thanks for recommending it. I love Wold Market. I always find something that needs to come home with me. :-)

  2. I am SO glad you enjoyed the tea! I find this one just exceptional, and at this time of year, especially, it seems a perfect treat!


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