Saturday, July 21, 2007

West German Tea Infuser

One of my antique store finds last weekend was this side-clasping tea infuser, the back of which is marked "W. Germany." There are no other marks, so I don't know who made this piece, but I found it interesting because of the mark and because it opens from the side. Most of the teaspoon style infusers I've seen feature a spring mechanism that causes the two halves of the spoon to spring open, clamshell-style.

I tried this one out and it didn't work as perfectly as I'd like, because there was a little "air" at the top of the closed spoon where some of the tea leaves slipped out.

Still, for $3, this was an interesting piece to add to an always-growing collection of tea accoutrements.


  1. i have one just like it i use it for coffee the grains are bigger and makes one cup perfect

  2. Hello!
    I need 12 of this tea spoon for my mother, wher i can buy it?
    Thank you for your help!

    Claudia Alzate

  3. Claudia, I have seen only one of these vintage West German infusers (from the antique mall), but there are new teaspoon infusers on eBay and lots of other places online. If you just type in "tea infuser" you should find lots of them. Good luck!


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