Friday, July 27, 2007

Tea Time Magazine

If you're interested in tea and tea accessories, then you may already be familiar with Tea Time magazine. This pretty glossy debuted in 2003, and I'm happy I discovered this early on and was able to collect every issue. The magazine began as a quarterly but has since gone to bi-monthly publication, happy news for those of us who can't get enough of the eye candy inside. There are articles on tea party ideas, tea etiquette, perhaps some pieces on tea history and tea rooms, and there are always lots of pictures of shiny new tea things.

Tea Time is also an excellent source of recipes for tea sandwiches and teatime treats. I've made their white chocolate macadamia nut balls (from Spring 2004) numerous times, and there's a cheese olive ball recipe from a Christmas issue that is also a staple when I need a nice, quick savory treat.

In recent months, I think the biggest news regarding Tea Time, however, is that its editor, Barbara Cockerham, has been named editor of Victoria magazine. Tea Time is owned by Hoffman Media, and earlier this year Hoffman entered into an agreement with Hearst, Victoria's former publisher, to re-launch Victoria this fall. (Strange side note: Last night, I dreamed that the new Victoria, which is scheduled to appear with the November/December issue this year, actually appeared early with a September/October issue. I wasn't wild about the cover, but the inside pages were just as lovely as they've always been. Perhaps I've been thinking about magazines a bit too much?)

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  1. I have a question trying to find in the 2006 winter issue pg 34 or 36 the silver fork holder. where can i purchase this item anyone no.


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