Monday, July 30, 2007

Tea Crafts, Etsy & More

One of my favorite parts of planning a tea party is deciding what favors to give guests. The other night, I was looking through my crafts bins for something else (of course) and came across this crocheted teacup. At one time I was turning out lots of these as tea party favors, but I guess once all my tea friends had one, I must've stopped making them.

I'm thinking about tea crafts in preparation for my next tea party and also because fall will be here before too long, which means cozy evenings spent indoors with some tea project in my hands. Tea-themed quilts are my current "dream" project, but I know I'll also need a few quick-finish projects to see me through. Crocheted teacups in different colors, maybe ...

If you're curious what other tea crafts are being made today, pay a visit to I haven't entirely figured out this site, which appears to be eBay for homemade arts and crafts, but I like it! Although I didn't buy anything, I spent a few minutes this weekend browsing anything with "tea" or "teapot" or "teacup" in the name, and I found teacup-shaped pincushions and cosmetics pouches, glass necklaces and more. Check it out if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind, unique tea gift. (And if you're an Etsy person selling tea-related items, please send a cyber shout- out so we can look for your work!)


  1. Can I PLEASE have the instructions on how to make this adorable teacup? I gave a little assortment of tea bags, flower pens, and honey sticks out at my last tea party - very fun!

  2. husko@charter.netJune 2, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    I see this is an old post but I've been searching everywhere for a crocheted tea cup for my daughter's birthday party!! Can you share the pattern with me as well or tell me where I can find one myself?


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