Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday & Serenitea

While at the beach last week, I discovered the so-so mugs in the condo were a great excuse to go in search of a new piece of teaware. Hooch & Holly's in Seaside, Fla., one of the best stationery stores I've found recently, had the perfect thing: a Serenitea mug from the company Mudpie. Around the top it gives the definition of the word Serenitea: "n. the absence of stress while drinking tea."

Although the mug isn't my usual English-bone-china-with-roses preference, I thought the sentiment and color (that clear, sparkling blue-green that looks like the foam on waves rolling in from the ocean) made this the perfect choice for drinking tea at the beach. And whoever would've thought of making a package shaped like a teabag? Cute, huh!

I think this will be a good way to kick off this Saturday morning of 7-7-07. Hope yours is serene as well!

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  1. great cup! I am always in search of serenitea!


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