Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MOR Bath Tea, please ...

It began, innocently enough, with some lip gloss.

After falling in love with the Marshmallow Lip Delight from the Australian cosmetics company MOR (lip gloss purchased while out of town), I e-mailed the company to find out if there are any vendors in the area who carry this line. (Sadly, no, but the contact told me they were actively looking for an Atlanta rep prior to a recent trade show, so I've got my fingers crossed.)

When I was nosing around the web site, I came across a number of products which mentioned tea as an ingredient and so your persistent tea columnist here requested more information. The woman I corresponded with was most gracious in answering all my questions about the company (her office is in California), and MOR sent me a wonderfully huge (8 inches tall) tin of its beautifully packaged, lovely scented Jasmine Tea Bath Tea. Yes, I've been tempted to drink it, and no, I did not. But I have indeed enjoyed a luxurious bath with this tea and found it quite relaxing. The bath tea is very simple to use, thanks to the enclosed silver scoop and tasseled white bag which you hang over the spigot as the bathtub fills. They weren't stingy with the jasmine flowers, either, as you'll see when this bath tea expands in its bag in the water. Ahhhh ... (For more MOR info, visit morcosmetics.com.)

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  1. That looks lovely. A great reward for a persistent tea lover :)


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