Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I (Heart) This Teacup

This is the teacup that almost got away. One Saturday last month, a girlfriend and I went on a long overdue shopping day and happened upon this antique mall in Decatur named Kudzu, only because I'd taken a wrong turn trying to find my way back home. I found this adorable teacup with a heart-shaped interior, and even though it wasn't that expensive, I thought I could probably find it cheaper elsewhere. Turns out I couldn't. I Googled, I trolled eBay, but the closest I came was a plain white version of this set, which simply wouldn't do now that I knew a floral set existed.

So over the weekend, when I had to go back to Atlanta anyway, I made a brief sidetrip back to the antique mall, back to the booth, back to the shelf ... and at first I didn't see it! (You antiquers know that feeling I'm talking about!) But lo and behold, it was on the shelf below, and I learned my lesson: if you see that one-of-a-kind piece and know you won't be able to live without it, save yourself some trouble (and gasoline), and go ahead and get it!


  1. Charming! Any markings on the bottom for the rest of us Googlers out there? :-)

  2. Yes, indeed! (I should have included that info -- sorry!) It says A Special Place, Made in China, 2005. A Special Place has now been incorporated into the Tenderheart Treasures catalog (tenderheart.com), and I asked a rep about this cup and saucer set and she said they are all sold out. But I'll bet eBay (eventually) and some unknown tearoom gift shop still have some lurking out there. Good luck!


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