Thursday, July 5, 2007

Green Tea Mints

A few days ago I picked up these Green Tea Mints at a World Market store. (I'd seen these in some tea catalogs but had never ordered them.) I got the Delicate Pear flavor, and I like these a lot. The mints are sugar-free and made with organic green tea, but the main thing is: They taste good!

Also a plus: They're cute. The mints are shaped like little tea leaves, which I think is good design on somebody's part. The travel tin in which they're packaged (which I also like) says that 3 mints = 1 cup of green tea. Still, I prefer to drink my tea rather than munch it, so I think these will be a sometime treat rather than a replacement for my growing green tea habit.

I learned from the company's website ( that these also come in Original and Lively Lemongrass flavors. Definitely worth a try if you come across them!


  1. My husband came home with a tin of these mints for me not long ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. The delicate pear flavor is lovely. I am not much of a mint muncher, so I don't indulge in these often, but I do like them.

  2. Thank you so much for your blog post! Here at Sencha Naturals we really love our mints and are glad you enjoyed them. We now offer Morning Lychee and Morrocan Mint! We are totally organic, sugar free and caffine free. Find us on facebook to stay up to date with all things Sencha Naturals


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