Saturday, July 28, 2007

Artful Blogging & Tea

TGIS: Thank goodness it's Saturday! This past week was, professionally-speaking, the most hectic one I should have all year. It's the week our magazine assembles a 180-page newcomers guide to our community, a project which somehow, miraculously, gets done in between all the normal work of putting together a bi-monthly magazine, and I am wiped out. I still have one final proofreading of pages to do today, but I refuse to look at them until I've enjoyed a leisurely morning. (Announcement: The Today Show has just disclosed it's national Milk Chocolate Day. Yes! My sweet husband has left a Snicker's bar on the kitchen counter, so I already see how I am going to celebrate.)

In anticipation of getting my life back this weekend, with time for reading and catching up on e-mail from friends, I have gathered a nice stack of books and magazines. One I'd been dying to get my hands on: Artful Blogging, the new magazine from the folks who do Somerset Studio. I love, love, love their magazines (especially Somerset Studio and the new Somerset Life), and I had a feeling this new blog-centered magazine would give me some great ideas for improving this blog. It already has.

I know some fellow bloggers are readers of Tea With Friends, so I wanted to be sure to mention this magazine since it's so full of blogger inspiration. And one of my favorite stories mentions a "virtual tea party" staged by one blogger. We might just have to try that on this blog someday. I'll host a "live" tea for friends, post pictures on the web, and wherever you may be, you can have a small or large tea party of your own and post the pics. But for today, I am just going to be catching my breath a little, no doubt strengthened by cups and cups of tea.


  1. Thank you for referring the new magazine Artful Blogger. I am really looking forward to checking it out,especially since you feel it has already helped you. We'd love for you to come to our page too.

    Julie for Bigelow Tea

  2. Thank you for referring me to this fabulous new book.....and although it looks like a mag,it's Not full of ads. What a wonderful change!!! Super lovely. College Station, Tx


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