Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fruity summertime teas

I've still got a few more T2 teas to try thanks to a marvelous Christmas gift from a friend, and this week, I sampled two more of these individually packaged loose-leaf teas.

First, I tried the Very Berry Fruitea tisane. I have always loved berries, and this flavor reminds me of those berry-flavored popsicle treats they sold at Six Flags Over Georgia when I was a little girl. With elderberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, this is possibly the berriest tea I've ever had. Now this berry-flavored tisane was a little tart, as most of the berry teas seem to be, but it was still quite good. It was the fun and fruity tea I expected, and yes, even in July, I enjoyed it hot!

Now I sincerely hoped I would like a tea called Southern Sunrise, but oh my goodness. As soon as I opened the packet of loose-leaf tea, I could imagine I was in some heavenly herb shop with all those lovely mingled scents, including—did my nose deceive me?—grapefruit. Why, yes! It contains grapefruit, white hibiscus, and lemongrass. And when I steeped the tea, I actually found myself leaning over my tea mug and simply inhaling the glorious scent. The taste? It lives up to the scent, I'm pleased to say, and even reminded me of the grapefruit taste of Fresca, although I can't tell you the last time I actually sipped a Fresca. Both fruity tisanes were delightful, and I'm so pleased to have come across two new, great-tasting herbal teas!


  1. Both of those sound wonderful, and since I'm trying to do the caffeine-free thing these days :-( (not happy about it either) I will add them to my list of teas to try! I bet they'd be good over ice, too!

  2. Those teas do sound interesting, especially the Southern Sunrise one, with the grapefruit. I'm usually not big on mixed-berry anything--I prefer only one berry flavor at a time. I love hot raspberry tea (both the kind made with black tea and the herbal kind). Or I'll make my own by adding a big spoonful of raspberry jam to a cup of regular black tea. Jam in tea has been popular in Russia for many years, and I really like it, too.--from Vernona in DC

  3. The southern sunrise sounds interesting. I’m glad both the teas were good.

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