Monday, June 25, 2018

Taking tea in Senoia

So this year's "Tea in the Garden" of the Senoia Area Historical Society got moved because of the storms that blew into town over the weekend, but those busy bees at the historical society had quickly transformed the local senior center into a tearoom, and it was so lovely! Right away, I ran into some old colleagues and took their photos in their hats. Aren't they cute? I was there to enjoy the tea and serve as a judge for the annual hat contest.

Each table was dressed to the nines, and formal china was used at every seat.

I love seeing lace tablecloths that are actually being used instead of folded away in a linen closet!

Another thoughtful touch was that the historical society paid tribute to the late Totsie McKnight, a beloved local lady whose memory still looms large. I had the pleasure of knowing Totsie and miss her still, so I smiled when I saw this display—and her recipe!

Now here's an idea I am going to use myself. They had bottled water in a silver punch bowl, and the labels had teacups on them! Aren't these great?

This was my place setting, and I had to ooh and aah over everything before I partook!

Another clever touch was the place cards in vintage spools of thread!

And while we didn't make it to the garden because of the rain, the garden made its way to us in the form of beautiful fresh flower displays on all the tables. I am always amazed at how much detail the Senoia volunteers put into their tea!

We had hot Vanilla Caramel Tea as well as a delicious iced Raspberry Tea.

And scones were served with Raspberry Pecan Amaretto Preserves, which were so tasty!

My friend Nancy Roy coordinates the tea and has been active in Senoia's historical society for the 20-plus years I've had the pleasure of knowing her!

The menu this year included Cheese Buttons, Cucumber Sandwiches, Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches, Chicken Salad in Phyllo Cups, and a Fruit and Cheese Skewer.

And dessert was Totsie's Tea Cakes and Rich's Frozen Fruit Salad (for those of you who have my department store tearoom book, this is the fruit salad in that book, and I loved their pretty presentation). Totsie's Tea Cakes, by the way, were soft and delicious, as were all the foods at this lovely, lovely tea!

And I was talking too much and didn't think to get a photo of the hat contest winner, but I can assure you that you all would have approved. She was a lovely lady wearing a vintage white hat with her lacy ensemble, and the other two judges and I all spotted her immediately, which made our job extra easy this year!


  1. It all looks wonderful, from the lace tablecloths to the lovely ladies to the delcious food. But what really caught my eye was "Raspberry Pecan Amaretto Preserves." I love all those flavors, and to think of them together is just heavenly! Thank you for sharing your photos of this occasion.

  2. What a fun time you had. Everything looks lovely. I have made specialty water bottles for several events. Just be sure to use packing tape to seal them or the paper tends to bleed.
    Blessings, Heather

  3. The use of vintage spools of thread to hold nameplates is very clever. The decorations were lovely. I’m glad you shared the day with us.

  4. That's looks like such a nice tea party! That's amazing that everything looks so great after the storm forced it to be re-located on such short notice. Dedicated volunteers can work miracles!
    --from Vernona inDC

  5. And here I am looking for that hat picture! Smiling! Guess the yummy food and table will have to do. Love it all!

  6. What a lovely event filled with great ideas! The food and decor look wonderful.

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