Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This year's Hallmark Tea Time ornaments!

While I've bought a few vintage Hallmark ornaments online and at antique malls over the years, I've rarely collected any tea-themed ornaments the year they actually were introduced. Last year, however, I bought the first ornaments in the Tracy  Larsen Tea Time ornament series, and over the weekend, I bought the second set of teapot-and-teacup ornaments, these cute little penguin guys!

Here's the teapot…

And here's the teacup and teapot both in the package insert. (I love that they are packaged so carefully in the insert, so hopefully these will stay safe through the years and truly end up being "Keepsake" ornaments.) Are any of you collecting these ornaments as well? Got yours yet?


  1. So cute! I hope to get that set, too.

  2. Cute! Thanks for reminding me to check the new Halmark ornaments

  3. Aren't those chubby cheeks adorable!?


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