Friday, June 9, 2017

Doilies, "Death," and Dollar Tree

Did you know that you can get a variety pack of doilies for just $1? I recently discovered these lovely rose design paper doilies at Dollar Tree, and the package of 32 includes eight each of the 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch doilies. Nice!

Do all paper doilies have roses on them? I haven't paid attention! I just know that I was fresh out of doilies and decided the price was definitely right on these.

And of course I am simply incapable of walking past those $1 books, and would you look at some of my recent cozy mystery finds! Death of a Cupcake Queen by Lee Hollis, and from our beloved tea shop mystery author Laura Childs, books from her two other cozy mystery series, Gilt Trip, a scrapbooking mystery, and Eggs in a Casket, a Cackleberry Club mystery. I think I'm set for a while!


  1. Wow! Great finds! I might need to make another trip to the Dollar Store soon. I haven't checked the book section at the one in Blue Ridge in a while, but I'd grab those for sure. (although I may have already read Gilt Trip - for $1 I'd read it again.)

  2. Well I never thought to look at the Dollar store for books. Nice finds!

  3. Nice finds. I didn't know Dollar Tree sold doilies.


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