Friday, May 19, 2017

Twins having tea

Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

Are any of you twins? Do any of you have twins? I think most of us are probably fascinated by twins. My paternal grandmother, Ruby, was a twin. Grandmama Ruby had eleven children, including my father, but none of them had twins. Grandmama Ruby's twin sister, Ruth, had only one child. Now isn't that interesting? I was at a family reunion last year and asked some of my aunts and uncles (nine of the eleven are still alive) which twin was the oldest, and no one knew! But enough about twins in my family. I found some darling twins on the Library of Congress website that I wanted to share!

It's usually only the older photos that are in the public domain, but this image now appears on and is titled, "San Francisco, California's most famous twins, Marian (left) and Vivian Brown, photographed in the 1990s, enjoy afternoon tea."

Aren't they darling! I wonder what kind of caps they're wearing. Apparently the two were known for dressing alike. Go here if you'd like to learn more about the late Marian and Vivian Brown.


  1. What a fun photo! My son-in-law is a twin but he and his sister are NOT identical. He and my daughter have one (adorable) child, and another due in August, but NOT twins - they have checked.

  2. I remember them from living close to SF but was never lucky enough to see them strolling the city. I have identical twin cousins who live in Twinsburg Ohio, and go to twins day every August.

  3. I have heard that twins children seldom have twins - that is skips a generation - so the twins GRANDchildren may indeed have twins.

    My sister's mother in law was a twin but none of her grandchildren are twins so hard to say if that is correct or not.

    Neat photo, neat set of twins - totally perfect for the term Tea for Two, eh?

    : - )

  4. Neat photo. You don't see adult twins dressed alike.

  5. There is such 'fun' in this photo - from the twins to the matching tiers and decor - it simply makes me smile!

  6. I am a twin. My identical twin sister, Marion is 14 minutes older. We dressed alike into our teen years. We do have similar tastes in clothes,books,etc. In school we had to use our middle initials,too since our names are so similar. The problem was solved after third grade when they separated us. There are a lot of twins in our family.

  7. You find the BEST tea related pictures in the Library of Congress, Angela. Love this fun post.


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