Friday, October 30, 2015

Sharing a little Halloween Joy!

I truly treasure the gift of a card. A printed card is welcome, and so is a handwritten notecard, but a *handmade* card is a real treat, and this week, I got one from Joy, a faithful reader and encourager of this blog! This may seem silly, but I love seeing her comments first thing in the morning because that means the word "Joy" is the first thing I see in my e-mail, and who doesn't like to begin their day with Joy!

This time, Joy was wishing me a Happy Halloween with a card and a cup of Bigelow's Pumpkin Spice tea (one I haven't tried this season, and it's nice and spicy, just the way I like a pumpkin tea to be). Thanks for spreading joy, Joy!


  1. OH, my, what a surprise for me to see my card on your blog this morning! I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm glad I can bring some "joy" to your mornings as your blog does to mine. Happy Friday, Happy Halloween.

  2. Awl, what a sweet gal and awesome card! You are right, she is aptly named "Joy," and certainly shared joy for you - and for us who get to share in this sweet post as well.


  3. Love the card and spreading the joy by JOY.

  4. Nice card and so thoughtful of Joy. Enjoy, Joanie


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