Wednesday, April 8, 2015

From Russia, with love …

It's nice when we train our friends to be on the lookout for new teas while abroad. It's even better, though, when we've even managed to train the *husbands* to be on the lookout for teas while abroad. A dear friend's husband works for a well-known aircraft manufacturer and recently traveled to Russia. When he got back, she sent me a picture of these tea packets and asked if I'd tried this Kioko brand of tea before. Nope. Within days, I had some of this tea waiting in my mailbox. And what I find so intriguing is, this White Spiral tea was given to First Class passengers on Aeroflot.

I assumed tea bags were inside until I felt of the Kioko package and it was clearly loose tea.

According to the package, "Uniting all the best from a tea-tree, this blend of green tea and magnificent silver tips, collected in the early spring, grants you a flavor of floral aromas with soft tints of honey and caramel."

The first time I made this tea, I think I steeped it too long because it was very astringent, but I steeped the same tea leaves again for just about two minutes and very much enjoyed it! It's fun to try new teas from afar. Have you ever received a tea sample from a friend who'd been on a trip?


  1. Goodness! When I flew Aeroflot several times in the 1960s there was no first class...and we were lucky to get anything! I have some funny stories from that airline! BUT so glad you enjoyed the tea...interesting! The characters look Korean?

  2. I travel often to work and that is what I look for local or different teas and spices! Love to bring it back home as a souvenir taste from my travels!


  3. No gifted teas from afar but I'm still working on the perfect brew for the tea I brought back from Ireland. :-)

  4. I was in Moscow at a world peace conference in 2000. I was on a charter flight. While in Moscow I drank a lot of tea and ate a lot of boiled potatoes in room service as most of the foods did not agree with me. I never saw tea for sale or I would have brought some home. Glad you shared this. Nancy Carr

  5. Just received tea from Charleston SC -- enjoyable!

  6. What a thoughtful friend!

    Teas from exotic locales are always my favourite souvenirs! I've been the lucky recipient of teas from overseas: Sweden (the "blend of south Stockholm" is one of my fave teas ever), Patagonia (berry infusion and mate), Taiwan (ginger black tea), China (jasmine pearls), Nepal, and most recently, South Africa (a lemon and ginger infusion...not a rooibos as expected!).

  7. How thoughtful of your friend's husband.

  8. So very thoughtful! Yes... a friend gifted me with some tea from Israel when she returned from her trip. It was very good.


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