Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teatime at the revamped potting bench

Just about this time four years ago, my husband surprised me by building me a potting bench from some scraps of wood. It served me most honorably for almost four years, but last year the plywood boards on the two main shelves began to splinter pretty badly. I came home from shopping on a recent Saturday and found Alex had replaced the wayward wood, so I headed to Lowe's for new paint. (Can you tell that my color inspiration was Fortnum and Mason's eau de nil color?)

I haven't planted squat this year because I was far more into travel planning than garden planning in the spring, but it's never too late to start a container garden! My largest teacup planter is this one, currently sporting Peppermint, Chocolate Mint and Sweet Mint.

Um, what exactly *is* Sweet Mint? I was happy to find that Bonnie Plants explains the uses for this mint, grown from cuttings which came from Israel.

I always think of mints as my first herbs each year, but the grocery store had a nice batch of basil plants the other night so I got one of those as well. All that Italian food I ate last month has me on a quest to grow herbs for Italian cooking. And I love using this terra cotta teapot and teacup, gifts from a friend many years ago which have withstood the test of time!

Friends also gave me the wire hanger at back and the wire teapot and teacup at front. I may line the wire "tea set" with moss and keep these pieces decorative.

Another friend gave me a small rose bush in this pink teacup planter years ago. I planted the rose bush (still alive!), and now I'm on the lookout for something new to go in the planter.

Some of my other favorite planters are these tiny terra cotta teapots I bought on clearance during a trip to Wisconsin several years ago. I love these baby teapot pots!

And finally, just a little reminder of the joys of gardening—even the better-late-than-never kind!


  1. Angela, you have me grinning from ear to ear! That is the cleanest, neatest potting bench I've ever seen. :-)
    Yup, too pretty to get dirty.
    I wouldn't show mine; it's worn, dirt covered and full of used plastic pots with bags of soil on either side.
    I've loved chocolate mint when I can find it to add to iced tea in particular. The lavender tea cup planter I have has turned all yellow from the sun which is disappointing. Lots of opportunities with your teapots and things with tiny plants.
    Have a good day!

  2. What a fun assortment of tea related garden pots! Perfect! Your potted plants look so lush and happy! And such a handy husband you have!

  3. Love your new potting bench! And it is the perfect color. My teacup pot did not survive the winter, I didn't think to bring it in and it cracked and fell apart. I will keep my eyes out for a plastic one! I did see a ceramic one at Walmart the other day but, for me, plastic or metal is a better choice. I have a few sprigs of mint coming up in the pot I planted it last summer, and I added some petunias that needed a spot to grow. I need to get some more mint, I do love it in my iced tea. Have fun planting!

  4. Great looking potting bench - I love the color you painted it! You have such a good decorating 'eye,' the pieces all work together nicely.
    Enjoy your gardening, Joanie

  5. Love your newly painted potting bench in Fortnum and Mason's signature color, and all your tea-themed planting pots. How fun!

  6. Love the new color for your garden potting bench. Seeing all your tea related pots and garden decor is just so delightful.

  7. I can just "see" you having so much fun at this beautiful potting bench!


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