Friday, May 28, 2010

Tea and a new pink hydrangea

Here is what my new Hydrangea serrata 'Amacha' looks like about two weeks after it was planted.

I'd gone to Wilkerson Mill Gardens, an area nursery known nationally for its incredible hydrangea selection, in search of a pink hydrangea for the shade garden.

I fully intended to get a mophead hydrangea (what I think of as the classic hydrangea) and not a frilly lacecap hydrangea, until I saw this description next to a small grouping of plants.

Needless to say, I knew immediately this hydrangea was going home with me!

As you can tell from this photo and the one up top, my new hydrangea is doing quite well! I had never heard of Amacha tea, and I was surprised to learn that "Ama cha" actually means "sweet tea" in Japanese. I also read that hydrangea tea is used in Japan to celebrate Buddha's birthday, but perhaps this hydrangea is an ecumenical plant because it's certainly right at home in my little Baptist garden! A pretty new flower with a surprise tea connection? Got to love it!


  1. I love Hydrangeas. I think they're my absolute favorite flower. Unfortunately, they won't grow for me.

  2. I LOVE hydrangeas too! So beautiful! Hope it does well for you!

    have a blessed weekend!


  3. Oh hydrangeas are my absolute favorite!! This one is going to be simply gorgeous when it fully blooms out! Great find Angela!

  4. Your pink lacecap hydrangea is beautiful. I would love to plant a couple of those near our wooded area. It is perfect with its tea history.

  5. I love your hydrangea. I have been eying a new one for my garden, but first must add lavender.

  6. Oh isn't that the neatest thing ever?

    This is an old post - how is it doing three years later, Ang?



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