Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017, the recap!

So Thanksgiving 2017 is in the books! This is at my sister's house on Thursday since it was her year to host. My brother-in-law was setting up the big family shot on a camera on a tripod, and apparently he didn't make it back in time! At any rate, we had a great time of feasting and enjoying each other's company, as well as visiting with some of my brother-in-law's family who joined us this year. Our meal consisted of turkey, dressing and gravy, yeast rolls, seven-layer salad, olives, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, pinto beans, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs. For dessert we had a strawberry cake and pecan pie (both made by my dad), lemon pie, and chocolate chip pie. And of course lots of tea to accompany all of the above! Is there anything different on your menu?

I thought those of you who have enjoyed watching the children in my family grow up over the years might like to see a current shot of Matthew, Madison, Cari, and Amelia as they are today! (Photo by my sister, not me, by the way, but I don't think she'd mind my borrowing it.)

One of the Thanksgiving traditions I most enjoy is giving all the children in our family a Christmas ornament at Thanksgiving. Madison, at left, is about to leave the nest and get her first apartment with a girlfriend, so her ornament was a cross that says "God's love is always with you." Cari's ornament, by request, was Hallmark's latest with a "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme.

Amelia's says "Faithful Friend Forever" and has a photo of her with her latest canine addition to the family, a Great Pyrenees named Luke. Matthew is still a fan of Spiderman, so that was the character for his ornament this year.

And then on Friday, we had a visit from my stepson's family, so we got to see our Georgia grandkids, Bella and Owen, as well! Bella's ornament this year was a Madame Alexander doll, and Owen's was Luke Skywalker. It was a great kickoff to the holidays for my family, and I sure hope it was for yours as well!


  1. Great ornaments! And beautiful children. Your feast sounds amazing. We had a feast, too, but not at my house so I just took a big bowl of fruit and didn't have to cook. (The downside is that I don't have leftovers.) All 3 of my children were home for a day or two, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with them and with my 2 grandchildren.

  2. Family time is the best part of Thanksgiving! Glad you had a great time with your family!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family photos! I had "Friendsgiving" with a group of longtime friends here in DC. I am the designated "maker of pies" each year, and I always make pumpkin and pecan pies. This year the pecan pie was extra special, since I had visited my sister in Georgia earlier in the month and brought back Georgia pecans for the pie! Everybody loved it.
    --from Vernona in DC

    1. So pleased to hear the Georgia pecans were a hit, Vernona! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cute ornaments. Looks like your Thanksgiving was great.

  5. What a nice tradition with the ornaments. Your menu was a bit different from mine, but it sounds quite delicious. I thought about the deviled eggs, but then decided to keep it simple. Pumpkin and pecan pies are the desserts in my family. How fun to have the large family too, I do miss that part of my childhood.


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