Friday, November 3, 2017

Some tasty new herbals from BOH Tea

Last month I wrote about receiving some new samples of BOH teas, a brand that was new to me. I tried and enjoyed the flavors on the top row of teas to begin with, all of which I enjoyed, and this week, it was time to try the herbal teas on the bottom row.

The taste and quality of herbal teas can vary widely, but I enjoyed each one of these varieties! The Lemon Myrtle had a bright citrusy taste that wasn't quite like any other lemon-flavored tea I've tried lately. The Peppermint had a nice bold peppermint flavor (I sometimes drink it in the afternoon because I've heard the scent of peppermint makes you more alert), and the Camomile was the classic camomile taste so familiar to those of us who enjoy this herb. I greatly enjoyed sampling all of these BOH teas. You can find out more about these teas here, and if you happen to be doing some early Christmas shopping, now through December 31, 2017, you can use the code TFRIENDS to get 10 percent off your order of these and other BOH products on Thank you again to BOH Tea for the samples and for the great discount for my tea friends!


  1. I ordered a small box and have enjoyed the ginger-lime tea you mentioned in your review of the top row. I'm glad to know the bottom row is delicious, too.

  2. Good to know the herbal teas are good too


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